Microchip Technology at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024

Microchip cordially invite you to visit our exhibition in conjunction with COMPUTEX TAIPEI at the Courtyard by Marriott from June 4–7 (Tue–Fri). We will be featuring a wide range of products and solutions across diverse market segments including edge computing, e-mobility, IoT, consumer, sustainability and automotive.

Come by between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM to explore our latest technologies and discuss with technical experts on how Microchip can enhance your next design.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Check out our demo showcase:

Edge Computing

1. AI/ML with TensorFlow-Lite on PolarFire® SoC FPGA

Tensor-Flow Lite is a new AI engine for PolarFire SoC. It offers 50% better performance than our previous AI engine and targets many solutions, including Pose Estimation, Segmentation, License Plate Detection, and Real-Time Facial Recognition.

2. SLVS-EC Sensor Camera Interface Based on Sony's Latest Generation Pregius Platform for Industrial Automation and Medical

The demo showcases a 40Gbps (4.7G x 8 lanes) high-resolution SLVS-EC sensor protocol using Sony's fourth generation Pregius platform and implemented on PolarFire® FPGAs. This sensor is being adopted today for next-generation Industrial Automation and Medical systems.

3. PolarFire® FPGA MIPI to Nvidia Jetson Smart Camera and Compute Engine

We showcase an intelligent camera and a compute engine using PolarFire FPGAs and Nvidia's Jetson GPU. The PolarFire Video kit preprocesses a video frame received using MIPI CSI-2 Rx, runs an ISP suite, and transfers the video via MIPI CSI-2 Tx to the Jetson GPU. The GPU then displays the final video after running an AI algorithm.


4. Cortex M0+ Dual CAN Control Demo

32-Bit Microcontroller (MCU) Business Unit is pleased to present you the PIC32CM JH MCU demo to simultaneously run dual CAN communications, PTC Touch Library, Legato Graphics, and control DC motors. Welcome to visit this demo at our suite. Learn more here.

5. E-Bike

Microchip maXTouch® touchscreen controllers use unique and patented sensing algorithms for excellent immunity to water and with the ability to detect touch through thick gloves. These touchscreen controllers are well suited for 2-wheelers (e.g. motor scooters, motorcycles, electric motorbikes, electric mopeds, and electric bicycles) which are frequently exposed to harsh outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, dust, or mud. Learn more here.

6. Radial Dashboard Demo

Microchip Microprocessor (MPU) manages multiple display interface to support different types of display interface for customer demand, including traditional parallel RGB interface, MIPI DSI and LVDS. For this demo, we will show the MIPI DSI radial display demo and the Harmony Grpahics demo with MPU. The radial display is getting popular with automotive applications, which not only supports two-wheel dashboards, but can also be used in vehicles for a more suitable user experience.

7. EV Charger Demo

This is a Microprocessor AC Level 2 charger demo showing AC charger with OCPP.


8. Multi-Link Bluetooth® LE Gateway Demo

32-Bit Microcontroller (MCU) Business Unit is committed to deliver Multi-Link Bluetooth LE Gateway live demo with PIC32CZ CA the high-performance MCU. Welcome to visit this demo at our suite. Learn more here.

9. New Generation LAN9694,96,98 TSN Ethernet Switch Demo

The LAN969x Ethernet switch family provides a rich set of switching features and port configurations (up to 30 ports) from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, ideal for industrial & process automation infrastructure applications, transport, grid automation, power substation automation, and ring & intra-ring topologies. The LAN969x family is both hardware and software compatible and scalable supporting 46 Gbps to 102 Gbps switch bandwidth. Learn more here:
LAN969x Ethernet Switch Family
Next-Generation Family of Ethernet Switches Features Time Sensitive Networking and Scalable Port Bandwidths from 46 Gbps to 102 Gbps

10. Matter on Wi-Fi®

This demo is for Matter protocol demonstration over Microchip's WFI32 Wi-Fi MCU and RNBD451 BLE commissioning function and gives an idea to control the Yellow LED on WFI32-IoT board. It can work with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistance & Samsung SmartThings, and three ecosystems together.

11. Trust Manager ECC608

The solution is composed of key management SaaS to control, manage and monitor authentication operations during the lifecycle of an IoT device while the ECC608 Trust Manager store, protect cryptographic keys and perform the cryptographic hardware accelerations issued from the keySTREAM SaaS secured by Kudelski IoT.

12. Analog – Single-chip solutions for Small Signal Measurements

The demo communicates how the hardware enhancements of the integrated analog features in PIC® & AVR® enable robust and noise tolerant signal acquisition. The demo does this through a weight scale application using the Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) and Burst Accumulation mode to combat noise and a low dynamic range.


13. Knob-on-Display™ (KoD™)/Microchip Panasonic Magic Knob™ (MPMK) – Shows Knob Key Features

Microchip's innovative maXTouch® Knob-on-Display technology and its use in the kitchen and the car for cutting edge user interfaces. See the convergence of tactile feedback from a traditional knob with a modern interactive display enabling local control of smart home appliances and reduced driver distraction in cars. Learn more here.

14. 27-Inch Ultrawide Demo with GUI Based on 2912TD-UW

The ATMXT2912TD-UW Automotive touchscreen controller is aimed at large and very wide aspect ratio displays up to 40”, used in modern car HMI systems. Learn more here:
Automotive Ultrawide Touch Display - Single Chip maXTouch® Solution
ATMXT2912TD-UW maXTouch® Touchscreen Controller


15. Elo Touch Large Screen Thick Coverglass/Glove Demo

Demonstrates high performance touchscreen solution for Industrial market with the support of thick cover lens as well as thick multi-finger gloves. Both use cases leverage Microchip's patented differential mutual cap touch sensing. Learn more here.

16. OCPP Protocol Connection

This demo shows WFI32 that runs OCPP v1.6 protocol with SteVe Server and Static Display the AC Charging Pile.


17. Hands-off Detection with Heating for Save Assisted Driving on Automotive Steering Wheels

Automotive steering wheel Hands off Detection with integrated heating solved and ready to use – Single Chip solution from Microchip eliminating development time (just implement and validate), reducing costs and board space. Learn more here.

18. Functional Safety Touch Button Demo – Touch Gear Shifter – for ISO26262 Conform Touch Implementations

Automotive Functional Safety according to ISO26262 for touch buttons – complete out of the box solution from Microchip. Meeting the highest safety requirements for automotive touch buttons. We demo a touch gear shifter with fault injection to experience the diagnostics live.

19. 10-Base-T1S MAC SEC Demo

10BASE-T1S is the latest technology used to expand Ethernet to the edge of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) networks – even when your network consists of incompatible devices and different physical hardware. Much like its utility in other sectors, this technology also brings significant advantages to the automotive industry. Jump-start your designs that require 10BASE-T1S Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) communication and high-performance cores with deterministic response and rich peripherals. Our 10BASE-T1S Ethernet demo uses a dsPIC33CK DSC and a LAN8651-based 10BASE-T1S SPI Click Board™. Learn more here.

20. PCIe® Over Cable

PCIe Over Cable demonstrates a complete PCIe Gen3 link between two PCIe switches over a 7m coaxial cable interface. PCIe Over Cable has applications in ADAS/Autonomous Driving and the Data Center “On-Wheels” where low-latency communication and high-speed data transfer is required. Potential use cases include remote data storage (SoC to remote SSD) and other unique situations where the Central Compute SoCs are not co-located and require a reliable interconnect solution at distances of 1-to-7m. Learn more here.

21. 10BASE-T1S Multi Sensor Actuator Network

This demo illustrates a classic sensor and actuator network with 10BASE-T1S in a car. It comprises a total of 7 nodes, showcasing functions such as car air conditioning, window control, ambient lighting, parking assist, and seat adjustment, all connecting by the 10BASE-T1S network. Learn more here.

22. Automotive Matrix Mini/Micro-LED Displays (powered by dsPIC33C DSC and 10BASE-T1S)

This demo showcases how to use Microchip’s dsPIC33C DSC to drive multiple (16 pixels * 20 scanlines color 16-bit gray scale) LED drivers on mini/micro-LED Matrix display modules for automotive applications. Our solution utilized unique core independent peripherals to drive the displays in the background without much of the software/CPU intervention. The project uses the 10BASE-T1S Ethernet standard to stream graphics or animations from a central compute unit to the display modules, which are arranged in a zonal architecture. These matrix-LED displays have good lifespan, high brightness, low power consumption, and are becoming competitive alternatives to automotive OLED solutions. Learn more here.

23. 10BASE-T1S Sensor Connectivity in Profinet Factory Automation

10BASE-T1S Sensors build with LAN8561 and SAM D21 (all on Microchip Curiosity nano base boards) connected to LAN9662 (Maserati) running a Profinet stack. From there the sensor data such as temperature is sent via 100BASE-Tx to a Siemens Simatic S7, where the sensor(s) live data is depicted.